You Can't Trust Anybody: Strange Northeast Georgia Police Stories of the Week

In Northeast Georgia, there are a thousand and one ways to steal.


An employee at in Bethlehem thought something was fishy when "Nancy" with "loss prevention" called and insisted that the employee wire some money over immediately. But , the employee followed her instructions anyway. So the company's out $497.

There's giving away your employer's money, and then there's taking it, which a Winder woman is accused of doing from in Lawrenceville. The employee is accused of , then having the paychecks go into her bank account.

Don't turn your back on a budding romance, either. A Bethlehem man told police that after they spent the night together. The car was later involved in a shoplifting incident.

If you're trying to gauge someone's trustworthiness, keep an eye on their leg. If they keep scratching it while you ask them questions, . At least, that's what one Gwinnett County police officer discovered.

An Athens man was arrested on disorderly conduct charges after acting suspiciously with police. In this case, he's after shots were reportedly fired.

Speaking of belligerence, a guy at the had a gun pulled on him .


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