Nudity, Fake Contractors and Unidentified Objects: Odd Northeast Georgia Stories of the Week

A lot of people in Northeast Georgia had a tough week.


A woman told police that her clothes her after they caught her running naked from her car when it crashed into a sign near Sugarloaf Parkway.

Police didn't buy it when two people working to replace a stolen refrigerator after a neighbor caught them busting into a house. After they were arrested, police found drugs in their car, too.

In Athens, police met a man at who told them a couple of strangers had shot him in the foot. After police checked with the folks who'd dropped them off and charged them with drug possession and evidence tampering, the man changed his story and said with a rifle. Then he got charged with filing a false report.

Not long after a Winder father when she wouldn't explain the marijuana he'd found in her bag, . When they found some, the woman's adult son and daughter were arrested.

continue in Oconee County. A poster on UFO Stalker has reported seeing some in the skies over Watkinsville this month.


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