Man Hides Slippers in His Pants, Get Apprehended Trying to Leave Walmart

The information in this story comes from the Oconee County Sheriff's Office. An arrest isn't the same thing as a conviction.

Crimes in Oconee County, Ga.
Crimes in Oconee County, Ga.
Police believe that Tyrikus Montavious Grisson, 20, tucked two University of Georgia Bulldog slippers into his pants while he was shopping at the Epps Bridge Parkway Walmart.

He then tried to leave the store without paying for the slippers. Grisson couldn't give authorities the slip, however. He was apprehended and charged with shoplifting for trying to steal the $27.97 slippers.

This incident happened on January 12 at 3:10pm. Grisson lives on Old Epps Bridge Road in Athens.


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