Bogart Homeowner Confronts Intruders, and They Elude Deputies and Dogs

The information in this story comes from an incident report in the Oconee County Sheriff's Office.

Crimes in Oconee County, Georgia
Crimes in Oconee County, Georgia

A resident of Osceola Avenue in Bogart heard his dogs barking late one night, around 10:20. He looked outside and saw two men in his carport, both wearing dark clothes. So the homeowner armed himself and went to investigate.

When he confronted the two men, they fled, damaging part of his fence as they ran east on Osceola Avenue. After he lost contact with the two men, the homeowner went back inside his house and called 911 to report suspicious people.

A few doors from this house, Oconee County Sheriff’s deputies found in the yard a green Honda Accord, still running, with both the driver’s and the passenger’s doors open. The sheriff’s deputy noted that the car seemed to have been driven through a ditch.

Authorities learned the car's ignition had been “punched out” and that the vehicle had been stolen from the driveway of a house on nearby Elder Street. The homeowners didn’t know their car had been stolen; they hadn’t been outside since 7:30pm.

Deputies set up a perimeter and called for support from the K-9 unit. Dogs tracked the scent of the two men to the area of Greenwood Drive and then lost the trail. Authorities processed the car for evidence and then had it returned to the owners.

This incident took place on Tuesday, December 3. 




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