Deborah Klughers
East Hampton Town Trustee
I have lived on the East End since 1973. A graduate of Hampton Bays High School, I earned my bachelors degree  in Environmental Studies, with minors in both Marine Science and Sustainability Studies from Stony Brook University. I graduated summa cum laude, and was one of five Valedictorians. 
I completed my masters degree in Marine Conservation and Policy from SBU in May 2012. I also have a degree in Women’s Studies. I am an East Hampton Town Trustee and Chair of the East Hampton Town Litter Committee.  I love to be beneath the sea and am a PADI rescue diver! I am also a DEC Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. I also sit on the Board of Directors for the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation. I have a large organic garden and am a beekeeper. Check out my bee-buzziness at BonacBees.com.   Yes, its true- I am a tree-hugger- I have great adoration, connection, and respect for the natural world. I also enjoy photography and treasure hunting. I produce environmental media as well. You can check out my work at www.youtube.com/deborah0129 . I am very concerned about marine debris and marine pollution emanating from wastewater, stormwater, pesticides, and other chemical contaminants. I recently brought the Fishing for Energy program to Montauk. I am interested in enhancing shellfish aquaculture for commercial and recreational harvest and for pollution mitigation. Seaweed restoration for habitat enhancement and pollution control is a priority. I have brought Cornell Cooperative Extension's (CCE) Marine Meadows program to East Hampton to help restore Napeague Harbor eelgrass beds! Through COrnell, I also went into 14 East End schools and taught the kids about honeybees through their Agriculture Literacy Week program. I am also interested in solid waste management issues and overall conservation of our precious-dwindling-natural resources. We MUST increase our recycling rate and reduce our solid waste stream... or we will be a planet swimming in trash! As East Hampton residents, we must retain access to all of our natural resources, and we must keep these assets viable for future generations. This includes (but is not limited to) unencumbered beach access and preservation of hunting and fishing rights. We must be sure to maintain an ecological balance on land and in our coastal waters, as well as fierce protection of our ground water for today and tomorrow. East Hampton must become a town that works toward a sustainable future, so that the future will be able to enjoy all that our beautiful town offers. Remember- this is not your Grandfathers East Hampton- it is our children's!  
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