High School Students Praised for AP Success

More students than ever are enrolled in Advanced Placement classes, Oconee County Schools superintendent says.

Average scores on Advanced Placement (AP) exams were higher for Oconee County Schools than other institutions across the state and nation, according to a report that was presented at the Board of Education meeting Monday.

The College Board administers AP exams that are based on college-level curriculum, and students are scored on a five-point scale. With a score of "3" or higher on the tests, many colleges and universities grant course credit to students, according to Superintendent John Jackson's weekly column.

Oconee County Schools’ average score was 3.31, surpassing both a state average of 2.74 and the national average of 2.84.

Oconee students tested in 24 subjects, including the core areas of language arts, social studies, math and science.

Since 2005, the number of AP tests administered in Oconee has increased from 229 to 1,005, with the number of scores above 3 going up from 196 to 760. This year, about 71 percent of AP students at scored higher than a 3. At , that number was 86 percent.

“Our students did phenomenal,” Jackson said at the meeting. “We’ve got more students than ever enrolled in AP classes and they are doing great.”

In his column, Jackson wrote, “Thank you to our two high schools for pushing the bar higher and expecting more from our students. And thank you, parents, for enrolling your students in these strenuous courses and for creating an environment for success at home.”


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