$125,000 Check From Zaxby's Goes to Prince Avenue Christian School's Building Fund

The donation, made Wednesday, will allow the school to move forward with plans to construct a new field house starting in January.

Prince Avenue Christian School's football team's bid for the championship title at the Georgia Dome on Friday isn't the only big news buzzing around the school this week.

School officials Wednesday were presented with a $125,000 check from Zaxby's that will go toward the school's building fund.

"We saw the opportunity to help the school with their building campaign, so we wanted to put a big step forward in kicking it off," said Tony Townley, Zaxby's executive vice president.  "It's going to be good for the kids.  It's going to provide more room and jump start their field house."

The Oconee Enterprise notes in an article about the donation that Townley has three kids who attend PACS.

"Zaxby's has had a great year this year," said Townley.  "We just felt like this is a good opportunity to give back to the community."

There are 800 students at PACS and enrollment continues to grow, said Head of School Danny Howell.  Plans are in the works for a new fine arts and athletics building, which will house music, art and drama rooms as well as a second gymnasium.

"By doing that we create classroom space in [the main] building, so that's the big picture," he explained.

The first part of the project, a new field house, will immediately clear up two classrooms in the main building for next year, he said.

Athletic Director Richard Ricketts said the field house will be a 5,000-plus square foot facility.

"It will be really nice," he said.  "It's not going to be over-the-top, but it'll be functional."

Howell described the gift from Zaxby's as "very timely" because it allows work to begin on the field house in January.

The is the second donation Zaxby's has made to area private schools this fall.

In October, the company donated $70,000 to Downtown Academy, a private school planned for downtown Athens.

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