Readers Unconvinced of the Benefits of Marital Education Courses

just over half of readers indicated the courses should not be required.

Should the government require couples to take an education course before getting married? Over 50 percent of Patch readers are opposed to the idea based on recent poll results. 

A ballot measure in Colorado would require 10 hours of pre-wedding marriage education for first marriages, 20 hours for second marriages and 30 hours for third marriages. No classes would be required for civil unions. Not all Patch readers feel the requirement is a bad idea. Forty-five percent indicated support for the pre-marital coursework (Results as of Jan. 24).

Last week, we also surveyed readers on e-book readershipFacebook usage and smartphone-related sleep disruption. Click on the links above to vote in the polls and see how others voted. Note: Polls are not scientific. They are for entertainment purposes only.

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