Are Athens and Oconee Getting a New High-Tech Manufacturer?

Rumors fly that a company is heading to the Orkin tract.


Things have been busy in Athens the last few months. Let’s connect the dots and see what we get, if anything.

Folks have been working on a big industrial revenue bond.

Helicopters landed in the soccer fields near Bishop Park a few weeks ago. People got out and got into cars that whisked them away. The helicopters took off.

Tomorrow morning, there’s a meeting of the Athens Clarke County Commission at 8am. First, to discuss a real estate matter in a closed session. Then to vote on that matter in an open commission meeting.

In Oconee County, the Commissioners are also holding an early morning meeting, and the Industrial Authority is meeting tonight.

What does it mean?

The timing of the meetings—who in local government meets early on Friday mornings—suggests that something is happening that involves both Athens Clarke County and Oconee County.

And what could the two counties be exceedingly interested in?

Could it be the 920-acre Orkin family tract? Land which straddles the border between Oconee and Clarke at U.S. 78 and Ga. Hwy. 316? About 2/3 of which are in Oconee County and 1/3 in Athens, which also provides water and sewer?

A call to local officials yielded nothing. No one would deny or confirm that Caterpillar is buying the tract and building a manufacturing facility, and bringing 800 jobs to our area.

Instead, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow for confirmation. Hang tight.

Xardox February 17, 2012 at 02:15 PM
Interesting. Good suspense story.


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