WCSO Looking for Suspicious Person Who Threatened a Child en Route to Bus Stop

A white male reportedly told a juvenile in the Centerhill Church Road/Gum Creek Church Road area he could "rape and kill her" without anyone knowing about it.

Walton County Sheriff's Office put out an alert for information about a white male who reportedly threatened a juvenile on her way to the bus stop on Dec. 14.

WCSO asked residents to be on the look out for this person and to report any sightings to WCSO or to call 911.

The alert reads:

Please be on look out for a white male, between 20–30 years old, with a small beard or goatee with missing teeth in the Centerhill Church Rd/Gum Creek Church Rd. area. The subject reportedly approached a juvenile outside her residence while she was going to the bus stop. The subject had reportedly stated he could “rape and kill” the juvenile without anyone knowing about it. The area was thoroughly checked but no contact was made. In addition, a report of a suspicious person fitting the same description was reportedly going door to door on Gum Creek Church Road looking for work.

A spokesperson with WCSO said this happened on Dec. 14 and the person could possible not even be from the area. However, if anyone else had any contact with him or has any information they are asked to come forward.

thcooper69 December 20, 2012 at 09:46 AM
i live in tha city limits of loganville and several years ago there was a grungy guy 5'8 to 5'11 goin door to door ,askin for work cleaning gutters ect . he came twice bangin on our door the third time in a month i told him i clean my own gutters , he was very persistant and looked as thou he was on meth ,kinda crazy lookin also . a week or 2 later coming home one afternoon i noticed the city police were talkin to him on side of road ! people like this are always lookin for an angle to scheme and steal


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