Strange Police Stories: Insult to Injury, Beer Troubles and Change of Heart

Unusual police stories from Northeast Georgia.

A Lilburn man going through some tough financial times believed the tow-truck operator when he said he was repossessing the Isuzu Rodeo from his driveway on Bruce Way. According to the incident report, the man told he was in bankruptcy and believed it when the tow-truck driver took the car on June 16. But on June 19, the man's lawyer called the finance company and found that it was not repossessed. Talk about kicking a man when he's down. The Isuzu was then listed as stolen.

A Norcross man got more than he bargained for when he rode his bicycle to the gas station to get a beer. When he left the store a man came up from behind and challenged him to a fight. then eventually ran away. The victim was able to flag down a police officer.

 responded to a public intoxication call that was made by both the owner of a Lilburn-area pool hall and the man who was arrested for the disturbance. Police found that the man had called police because the  The owner called police to say the man was disorderly and obviously drunk, and had already started drinking the beer.

A man living in his car was released on a $189 bond a day after he was found sleeping at the wheel in the parking lot of the  in Dacula. The man admitted , then fell asleep in his 1989 Honda Accord. His two dogs were running around the parking lot when police arrived. He said he had permission from the store to sleep there. Store employees said that wasn't the case.

Running over a fire hose landed a man in the Oconee County Jail. The man  on U.S. 441 near Thomas Orchard, where fire units were on scene, but drove away after a firefighter asked him to pull over. He was later charged with driving while unlicensed and driving across a fire hose.

A Dacula man told police that his ex-girlfriend had a change of heart over a Cadillac he thought was a gift. He said the woman signed over the title to him three months ago, but snatched it back when she stopped by his house to pick up her belongings. .


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