Report: Woman Stuffed Puppy in Backpack, Then Killed It By Beating It Against Tree

Sheriff's Office: "Questions about her mental state."

Ryeeah Christine Hatcher. Douglas County Jail mug shot
Ryeeah Christine Hatcher. Douglas County Jail mug shot

A Douglasville woman has been charged with felony cruelty to animals for stealing a puppy, stuffing it in a backpack and beating the backpack against a tree, killing the animal.

Douglas County deputies arrested Ryeeah Christine Hatcher, 27, who is accused of committing the crime Monday evening. Deputy Stan Copeland told the AJC, “We do have questions about her mental state at the time of the incident.”

The Douglas County Sentinel reported the incident occurred on Amber Drive near Highway 5.

She allegedly took the puppy from a neighbor’s yard. Copeland said neighbors cornered Hatcher with the puppy and backpack, and that’s when she beat it against the tree and the ground.

Hatcher also is charged with theft by taking and obstruction of an officer, according to jail records. She is being held on bonds totaling $12,000.

Bob May 26, 2014 at 10:24 AM
I totally agree with Cris!!!! You got it right.
Sandy May 26, 2014 at 12:02 PM
LOL. Please show me where I compared farm animals to beloved pets. Please show me where I "put down a little girl." Show me where I put down people who consider pets family members. (Actually, don't show me; you said you would not engage further and I believe you--but please, reread my post and show yourself, LOL.) And do your own research on egg farms. The information is widely available from many, many sources. If you honestly believe that the millions of eggs consumed daily are from chickens grazing freely around a yard, you're sadly uninformed. Instead of accusing someone else of using iffy sources, just do a bit of research yourself. It's the intelligent thing to do. Now, to set things straight: I am an animal lover. We've always had dogs. My dog is a beloved family member. He's my constant companion--right here by my side as I type this, in fact. If someone deliberately harmed him, I may end up in prison because of what I would do to that person. Emotions take over when an innocent is abused, for sure. With my post I was pointing out that I found it worrisome that posters were speaking of wanting to beat this woman to death. And I pointed out that it's an interesting human condition that such outrage will grow from a dog being abused, but few care about other animals being abused. People don't want to think about the chicken that laid the egg suffering (your insistence that it's not actually really happening is evidence of this fact), or if they do know the reality, they may not care about its suffering. But give those same people some backyard chickens, so that they start to feel like beloved pets, and suddenly someone beating it to death will incite that same rage. It's just funny how people draw these lines. People who love dogs but hate cats may laugh at the thought of somebody torturing a cat. I love animals yet am willing to sign off on somebody killing the beavers who are destroying my trees. It's an interesting thing about people. But at NO point did I condone this woman's actions or put down a little girl. In fact, I started my post by saying how awful it is, what she did, and that she needs to be punished. It's crazy how people will just make stuff up in their efforts to slam another poster! I always wonder if those posters (the ones who lie) are raising their own children.
Higgs Boson May 26, 2014 at 12:41 PM
What an amusing blog thread. The question I still have is what does Tanya mean by “your people”? Did she ever answer that question? A couple of people here asked about it. BTW, just had a great Memorial Day brunch with eggs, bacon, and maple sausage links. Marinated filets on the grill will be tonight’s delicacy. Mmmmmm!
Sandy May 26, 2014 at 01:06 PM
I, too, will have filets on the grill tonight. I'd like to be a vegetarian, knowing of the conditions animals go through (my husband's family ranched, and I once participated in the castration and dehorning process, which was gruesome), but I like steak too much. I do plan on soon raising my own chickens, though.
Warnin ToU May 27, 2014 at 10:39 AM
The media is biased, I never see reports where white women do this kind of stuff. We all knows they do, but people just pick on blacks. She could have sold it to the chinese restaurant.


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