Athens Police: Suspect Allegedly Assaults Two Men, Then Tweets About It

"[expletive] just got real at The Woodlands, I ain’t never scared!" said one Tweet.

Crimes in Athens, Ga.
Crimes in Athens, Ga.
A 25-year-old Athens man allegedly attacked two men in his eastside Athens apartment complex, smashing a bottle on one's head and knocking him out, and cutting the other's thigh during a fight.

And then the 25-year-old man tweeted about his exploits.

According to a story in the Athens Banner Herald, the 25-year-old went to another apartment in The Woodlands where two roommates live. He knocked on the door and demanded of the roommate who stepped out to talk with him why he was talking about him. The story says the suspect then shattered a bottle on the head of the man, who tumbled off the second floor landing, leaving blood on the stairs.

The story says the second roommate jumped the suspect and they began fighting, stopping when they were too tired to go on. When the roommates went back to their apartment, the fighter realized he had a gash in his thigh. The two told police they called a friend, an ex-Marine, who came and stitched up their wounds, the story says.

The story says the man who started the altercation then tweeted about it after the fact. The suspect is facing possible charges of aggravated assault.


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