Georgia Representative Blames Moore's Ford Case for FBI Probe Into His Finances

WSBTV reports that the finances of Georgia Rep. Tyrone Brooks are being investigated with regard to his involvement with an organization created out of the civil rights movement.

WSB is reporting that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is conducting an investigation into the finances of Georgia Rep. Tyrone Brooks (D-Altanta) as they relate to an organization that came out of the civil rights movements.

Brooks, a long-time Georgia lawmaker, reportedly told WSB that he believes the investigation is in retaliation for his investigation into the Moore's Ford lynching of two black couples on Moore's Ford Bridge in 1946. Nobody has ever been convicted in the case and remains one of the few unsolved civil rights crimes.

Two people connected with the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials have already been subpoenaed in the Brooks' investigation, according to WSB, including the treasurer. Brooks is the president of GABEO and has been for the past 20 years. The GABEO is reportedly made up of both elected and non-elected members. WSB reports that the investigation is into whether monies were used by Brooks for his personal use.

Brooks heads up a reenactment that takes place in Walton County each year on the anniversary of the July 25, 1946 murders of black sharecroppers George and Mae Murray Dorsey and Roger and Dorothy Malcom at Moore’s Ford Bridge on the Walton-Oconee County line.

The couples were ambushed after Roger Malcom was bonded out of jail where he’d been held for stabbing a white farmer. According to the narration of the reenactment, he was the intended target, but when George Dorsey fought to prevent him being taken by the mob, and one of the women recognized someone in the crowd, they were all dragged from the car and murdered. All four were shot multiple times.

In 2001, former Gov. Roy Barnes commissioned the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to re-open the case. In 2006, the FBI also again became involved and in 2008, President George W. Bush signed the Emmett Till Act allocating funding to help solve crimes such at the Emmett Till murder in Mississippi in 1955 and the Moore's Ford Lynchings. The case Moore's Ford case remains open, and there is a $35,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of anyone found guilty of these murders.

WSB reports that the FBI declined to comment on the investigation into the Georgia congressman's finances.

SUNKEN SUB February 09, 2013 at 04:10 PM
* Georgia Rep. Tyrone Brooks D- Atlanta is a Charlatan, first class. I have been to the re-enactment at the bridge. I met him there. A couple of years ago the addition of a babe in womb was added. Now the FBI is accused of covering up the case. Tyrone can't keep his own Shoelaces (finances) tied. That's why he is conjuring up this story. The FBI works WITH facts, Tyrone works FROM fantasy. The LEGEND gets better (worse), always BIGGER, year after year. Remember me Tyrone, I met you at Charlies in Monroe, TOO ? {>;) Never got that $100 donation to Special Olympics I solicited from you. SS 162


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