Food Crimes of Passion and More Strange Police News

Don't mess with a man's cheeseburger in North Georgia.

A man learned the hard way that at the Winder . When he tried, police said, he used a lot of profanity, upsetting employees and customers. So he was charged with disorderly conduct.

Also in Winder, a man after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. The melee also resulted in missing liquor, smeared beans and broken eyeglasses.

A domestic dispute in Dacula led to a man's claim that the woman who used to live with him since he threatened to evict her. She's also alleged to have called him a "bad person."

A silver pitcher, a China plate and some coins were among the missing items after a family left their home with a house sitter in Oconee County. When confronted, the Oconee County Sheriff's Office reports, the house sitter returned some of the items -- that hadn't been reported missing.

A Fulton County man saw a familiar trailer on the road in DeKalb County -- . He followed it out to unincorporated Lawrenceville, then called police, who discovered a chop shop on Gloster Road.

Two feces-related items follow:

  • A man who had snorted bath salts to mix with alcohol and marijuana was arrested with in unincorporated Duluth. His mother had called police to say he was "walking around out of his mind, armed with a knife."
  • Police said a Norcross woman after trying other tactics to stay out of trouble when she got pulled over for running a stop sign. The bribery attempt didn't work, either.

When all else fails, a quick change is one way to elude authorities. That's what a man did after being spotted shoplifting at the Lilburn Walmart. . But when officers caught up with his Dodge Neon, the suspect was wearing a white T-shirt, no glasses and khaki shorts.

That failed, too.


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