Dispute Over Paint Leads to Death Threat and Other Bizarre Police News

This edition of weird police news also includes a Peeping Tom and stolen cardboard, but not in the same story.

No wonder they’re not partners anymore: A dispute over paint led to an assault with a knife and a death threat on the owner of a Norcross business. The owner told police that his former business partner threaten to kill him and then tried to cut him with a pocket knife in the parking lot of the company. When the owner fought back and kicked the aggressor in the face, the ex-partner said he was going to hunt down the man’s family. The business owner told police the two men had fought before. He said the main reason for the attack was because he wouldn't let other man use his Sherwin Williams account.

Blabbing on Facebook: An Alpharetta man, accused of stealing more than $3,000 from a Walmart cash register, bragged about the suspected thefts via Facebook. He posted a photo of him with the money and the words, “I love my job.” He is charged with stealing the money out of the till over a five-day period. A Walmart associate, who is a Facebook "friend" with the suspect, alerted authorities of the post.

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“Christine” was a scammer: A Lawrenceville man answered an online credit card advertisement and was The man called the number listed in a “Master Plan Card” ad he found in a Google search. “Christine” answered the call and instructed the man to get a prepaid card and put $2,000 on it so she could transfer the money to his new card. He was told to call back for more information. It’s probably not a surprise that nobody answered his call. The Google ad is no longer listed — also not a surprise.

Ladder peeper: A Snellville woman told police that a Peeping Tom has been peering into her window on numerous occasions over the past year. He put up a ladder in the front of the house to get a peek.

Now that’s inebriated: A Flowery Branch woman arrested for DUI by Gwinnett Police had a blood-alcohol count of .337. Wow. That’s four times the legal limit of .08. Police found her sitting in her car on the side of the road with two flat tires (both were off the rims), unable to stand or walk, and having “no clue as to what was going on," the officer wrote in the report. Her blood-alcohol was so high, she was taken to the hospital for observation.

Cardboard riches? The Johns Creek Police Department was alerted to the theft of four bales of cardboard from outside a local Hobby Lobby. The cardboard was worth $464!


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