Adult Son Arrested for Assault in Incident Involving His Parents

The information in this story comes from the Oconee County Sheriff's office. An arrest isn't the same thing as a conviction.

Crimes in Oconee County.
Crimes in Oconee County.
Oconee County Sheriff's deputies were called to a Statham home on January 3rd because the couple who lives there were afraid of their son, according to an incident report.

The 29-year-old man, they told the deputy who wrote the report, had been drinking and taking drugs during the day, so that by in the middle of the night, the son became convinced his parents had stolen his money. He tried to get into their bedroom where they had been sleeping, but they locked the door.

The son began beating on the door, and the father believe he would eventually break it down, rush in and take their money to buy drugs. So the father called the Sheriff's Office around 3:30am. When the son heard that his father had called authorities, he left the house, the report says.

The deputy said in the report that while he was talking to the visibly frightened parents, the son was calling them and acting abusive. The deputy wrote that he was familiar with the son because the son had been involved in a fight the evening before and there had been a call about the fight.

After talking with the scared parents, the deputy began to walk the property to try and find the son. As things turned out, the son was sitting in his car on the edge of the property, the deputy found. The son was arrested and taken to the Oconee County Jail and charged with simple assault/assault and violation of the Family Violence Act.


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