'Warm Bodies' Reviews: What Critics Are Saying About the Latest Zombie Movie

Is love the cure for a zombie apocalypse?

Warm Bodies is now playing in Athens, Ga. at Beechwood Cinemas 11 and Carmike Cinema 12. Click on the links for showtimes.

The premise, courtesy of IMDb

After R, a highly unusual zombie played by Nicholas Hoult, saves a human from an attack, the two form a relationship that sets in motion events that might change the entire lifeless world. The movie also stars Teresa Palmer and John Malkovich

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Here's what critics are saying: 

'Warm Bodies,' the latest permutation of the zombie screen phenomenon, places heart over horror and romantic teen angst over sharp social commentary. The low gore quotient and emphasis on young love might disappoint genre purists, but for those open to the idea of a gently goofy mash-up, the film is strong on atmosphere and offers likably low-key, if somewhat bland, charms. — Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter
The audience knows exactly where the movie is heading and can only sit and wait for it to get there. ... It needed a second really good idea, something for the concept to bounce off of, something to provide a dose of the unexpected. — Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle
We're a long way from the manic, repulsive, jolly slapstick of 'Zombieland.' This is more like a sensitively bent version of a Nicholas Sparks novel, where lovers must overcome significant social obstacles before moving on to the bed. — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune
... ‘Warm Bodies’ has the occasional sparkle of true originality in what is an otherwise rote young adult tale with shoehorned, bland action sequences. There is, indeed, commentary about intractable conflict and the mindset of total war. — Jordan Hoffman, ScreenCrush
Somewhat ironically, this zombie tale has trouble with movement. Heavy on voiceover early on, 'Warm Bodies' never quite takes off, registering closer to 'nice' than 'fun.' It pales compared to the juiced-up entertainment of 'Zombieland' or the we-are-all-walking-dead satire of 'Shaun of the Dead.' — Matt Pais, RedEye

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