Malcolm Bridge Students Raise $300+ for the Oconee County Animal Shelter

Two 13-year-old girls raised the money with a bake sale.

The two girls and Director Vickers.
The two girls and Director Vickers.

Two 13-year-old girls, Jessa Tilnnell and Jordan Lewis, held a bake sale (Enrichment Project Fundraiser) and donated $306.38 to the Oconee County Animal Shelter. 

Shelter director Catlyn Vickers says, "This is a lot of bake goods. It's hard to find young people who will take the time from their day to plan and execute an event.  Jessa and Jordan are selfless and a blessing to the shelter's animals. Both touched our hearts."

Jessa is a 7th grader at Malcolm Bridge Middle School. She loves animals, especially cats, and even claims to speak cat! Jessa has owned two different calico shelter cats.  One cat, Sugar, died in September 2013 after eight years with the Tinnell family. In October, the family adopted Jinxy from the Walton County Shelter.

Last year, Jessa spent time with her twin sister and some other classmates at the Athens Area Humane Society shelter, working on a service project that involved volunteering time with the animals.  So when this fundraiser enrichment project came up, animals were a top priority for her.  

Jordan Lewis is also in the 7th grade at Malcolm Bridge Middle School. She has always loved animals and plans to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Her love of animals is the reason she wanted to do something to help out a local organization out that helps animals. When the school project came up, her parents say, it gave her a great opportunity to do just that.


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