Athens Boy Needs Rare Tumor Removed

Matthew Burgess will need surgery at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Credit: GoFundMe.com
Credit: GoFundMe.com

Each Thursday in December, Patch is highlighting a local GoFundMe campaign in the area. 

Today's focus is on the effort to raise money for an Athens-area boy, Matthew Burgess, who is in need of a specialize procedure to remove a tumor on his liver.

From the fundraising page created for him:

"Matthew has a large non-cancerous tumor on his liver since August of 2008. He received treatments to stop the growth of the tumor, but nothing worked. The tumor is so large now, that it's compressing against three of his organs. The main blood vessel of the liver is feeding the tumor and that's where the problem comes in at. Matthew's doctors in Atlanta will not remove the tumor because they are afraid that he would not make it through the surgery. So, I had to find a doctor that has enough experience with this type of tumor, and I did at Cincinnati Children Hospital. ... We are going to spend a lot of time in Cincinnati and that will cause me to have to be out of work for months without pay, paying medical bills, travel expense, and several other expenses that comes with being out of town. That's why we need help, and for as many people to please spread the word to others as well. I do know that Cincinnati Children Hospital do have a Ronald McDonald house, but they have told me that they stay full due to the hospital is well known for experience doctors, which attract a lot of out of state patients.

So, we are still hoping that we will still get in the McDonald house when Matthew has his surgery because that will helps out a lot. His sisters will be with him during this surgery and recovery in Cincinnati. That was the only thing he asked for.

I pray to GOD that if you find it in your heart to donate, and if not your prayers are greatly appreciated."

Check out the GoFundMe page for further information and updates.

Unlike other crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe focuses more on helping people fund community or very personal goals. GoFundMe is a Patch partner.

Do you know a project in the area that deserves funding? Let us know in the comments, in a blog post, or head over to GoFundMe.com to start one.


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