Tripp Halstead, Barrow Toddler Injured by Tree Limb, is Fighting New Infections

Stacy Halstead asked for prayers for her son in a post Friday morning on the Facebook page where the family provides updates on his condition.

UPDATE: Posted to Facebook by Tripp's father, Bill Halstead. 

Well the latest info is that Tripp has multiple levels of infection, he has meningitis and inflammation in his ventricles, he has infection in his blood so they are also saying he has sepsis. When the shunt and Baclofen pump were removed, a "bacterial shower" occurred, this was expected. Basically all the bacteria that had attached itself to the pump and tubing released into his body. We are waiting word on his echocardiogram, but I don't think he will have any issues with his heart. We know we are in the best place we could be to help Tripp through this latest obstacle, we caught it early which is to Tripp's benefit. I had to go and find this picture and repost to remind myself and all of Tripp's new friends and family just how tough he is, thank you all again for holding us up in prayer, we needed it really bad last night and you guys really came through!! Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all as well.

Original report: 

Tripp Halstead, a toddler seriously injured in October when a tree limb weighing several hundred pounds fell and struck him in the head, is in intensive care, according to a post on the Facebook page where the family provides updates on his condition. 

"I finally talked to his ICU dr for just a moment and he just said that Tripp is extremely sick, the infection is very serious and it is life [sic] threating," Stacy Halstead posted about 9 a.m. "Tripp is still heavily sedated so at least he is finally getting some sleep. They just did X-rays and now waiting on getting an echo done. They know something is wrong with his heart and they can't get him warm." 

Tripp's mother is asking for prayers. 

"I can't lose my baby," she wrote. "So please pray." 

You can follow updates on Tripp's condition here

The Barrow County community, and communities in the surrounding area, has held numerous fundraiser to assist with the toddler's medical care. 


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