Missing Toddler Found with Family Dog, and Man Breaks Into Wolf Enclosure

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Missing Toddler Found Mile From Home With Family Dog - Cartersville Patch

The parents of a Windfield Drive toddler had a serious scare on Friday night when their 2-year-old daughter went missing for more than an hour.

The parents had been inside with the child's father while the toddler was outside in the front yard playing, with a friend watching. But just before 7 p.m. the mother went outside and asked where her daughter was. The friend said she thought the girl was inside with her mother.

Find out what happened next on Cartersville Patch.


Fires Shutter Businesses in Shopping Plaza - Stone Mountain Patch

Multiple businesses in the Rockbridge Plaza in Stone Mountain are shuttered after recent fires.

Among the boarded-up businesses is Quick Bite Restaurant, owned by Junior Ewart. Ewart told Patch that the first fire happened last Friday night and affected the barber shop and thrift shop, a few doors down from his restaurant in the plaza, which is located near Ridge Avenue and Wade Walker Park.

Then, this past Monday morning, he said he got word that there was another fire at the plaza, burning down the Stop N Save, he said. 



- Fort Stewart Patch

A Savannah man was arrested Friday after police say he climbed into a wildlife center's wolf enclosure bearing sugar, soy milk and a nearly empty bottle of Kahlua.

According to a Morris News Service report, Savannah police were called to Oatland Island Wildlife Center at about noon, after visitors to the center reported that a man was in the wolf pen. Police say John Frazier Floyd, 26, fled the pen when they arrived, and they commandeered a utility vehicle to chase after him as he ran through several other enclosures and down a trail.

Fort Stewart Patch has additional details.


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