Alan Alexander Discusses Plans for State House Run

The Oconee-based attorney is emphasizing smart spending in his campaign to replace Hank Huckaby in the 113th District.

Attorney Alan Alexander is casting himself as an opponent of frivolous spending in the upcoming .

"I think when we can afford to do the fluff, we do the fluff, and until then, we prioritize and we do the things that are most important," said Alexander, of the law firm Alexander and Saxon.

Alexander ranked education and law enforcement as two of the issues most prominent in his mind.

Alexander said he will be running as a Republican in the to represent Oconee County and part of Clarke County. Official qualifying for the race is May 16 to 18.

Alexander is one of three announced candidates to replace former Reb. Hank Huckaby, of the University System of Georgia. The other candidates are and Chuck Williams.

"I truly feel I've got a debt to pay back to my community," said Alexander, who has involved himself in his area as a churchgoer, coach and longtime city attorney for the city of Crawford. "I hope I've got my finger on the pulse of the area."

Recent allegations of elder abuse at the Winterville Retirement Center have inspired Alexander to advocate tougher penalties for abusing and assaulting the elderly.

"It's a horrible thing to think of your defenseless, 85-year-old mother, grandmother, aunt, whatever, being abused," he said.

Alexander said he supports the idea of abolishing the state income tax, which not only drives potential business to Florida, but allows the kind of unreported income enjoyed by drug dealers to go untaxed.

"Why should they get a free ride when you and I pay their share?" Alexander said.

CORRECTION: Alan Alexander's law practice is based in Oconee County. The original version of this story named an incorrect location.

Lee Dennis May 11, 2011 at 09:59 PM
I've known Alan for over 36 years and know his heart for his fellow citizen and his integrity is never to be questioned. He will work and listen to all. Great family man and a business man that has excellent common sense and a hard work ethic.


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