8 Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Check out these costumes that don't look like they were thought of at the last minute.

Halloween is inching closer and you still don't have a costume... What to do? While you could go to the pop-up Halloween store and rummage through whatever is left, we found some great costumes for all ages that will ensure a spooktacular Halloween.

A Little Bearded Garden Gnome - Your kids may already have the clothes. You'll just need to make a simple hat and beard.

Bag of Jelly Beans - You'll need a clear trash bag and set of strong lungs to make this sweet costume.

Catch of the Day - This is a "reel" easy costume to put together.

Quarterback - This punny costume is quick and easy to make.

Spaghetti and Meatballs - Use a red and white tablecloth and a pot to make this saucy costume.

Lego - This costume is easy to build using a cardboard box, paper bowls and spray paint.

Baby Octopus - A great way to use those mismatched socks left in the dryer.

Giant Pumpkin - You know those lawn leaf bags in the shape of a pumpkin? They make a great costume. Just cut leg, arm and head holes in the bag, reinforce the holes with tape so they don't rip, and fill with you, plus leaves, tissue paper or newspaper. (Idea from )

Remember, when your costume is all done, upload your child's photo to enter in our Halloween Costume Contest. You can win the Grand Prize of $5,000!


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