Chops and Hops: "'Politically Correct' Celebrity Sandwich" Final in Series

The Watkinsville eatery's satirical social media post on March 30 addressed the recent national media attention it received over the "Black and Bleu" burger's description a week prior.

A local restaurant put a Facebook post that caused a media frenzy at the end of March to rest Friday by posting one last satire on the social media giant. 

Chops and Hops from its daily special menu after drawing national scorn for making light of Chris Brown and Rihanna's domestic violence situation on March 23. One of the owners wrote the following in response to criticisms:

Many of us have been affected by domestic violence in some manner and realize that this is no joke. one of the owners wrote in response to criticisms.

Some customers vowed never to frequent the locale again, while others said they would the restaurant.

On Friday, noted on Facebook that the " 'Politically Correct' Celebrity Sandwich" description would be the last in the series:

The Celebrity the sandwich last week created a world-wide if not intergalactic buzz so we decided to create our last feature to end the series. This whopper starts with a man sized portion of 3 lb of delicious premium beef on a glazed doughnut bun topped with bacon, egg, smoked gouda, real mayonnaise, and a mix of wild mushrooms (fungi’s, not to be confused with a couple of guys having fun).

But time to slow the flow. We can’t run a man-sized anything without risking offending our feminist friends. And beef may offend our vegetarian friends so scrap the protein...

The description goes on to explain why the other ingredients would need to be removed to maintain political correctness before concluding with:

Those who know and support us know who we are, what we do, and that it wasn’t our intent to hurt or offend. We don’t dislike celebrities, it’s just satire. At the end of the day two guys with a small store in an amazing town made worldwide news and created a buzz. Now it’s time for us to focus on our core business, and for all those so incredibly passionate about Domestic Violence to join us by letting go of the keyboard and volunteering at a shelter. You can offer your time, trade or skill to their cause, cook the volunteers a meal, or at the least make a financial (to be read “money”) donation to a cause we all support. We've been supporting Project Safe, and since they were mentioned in the thread you can contact them or find a shelter or charity local to you to effect real change and help 86 DV.

The accompanying photo features an empty plate.

Notably, "Likes" on the restaurant's Facebook page have increased from about 850 last Monday, March 26, to 1,100 as of Tuesday morning, April 3.

Alan Alexander April 04, 2012 at 03:02 PM
Talk about a tempest in a teapot. These folks are good people who offer a great product. Next "tempest" going to be sit-ins protesting anything with the moniker "Red & Black"???


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