Milton Pop Singer Holds Party for iTunes Release

Lexi is a budding musical star who wants to give her teen fans a private visit with her this Saturday.

Pop singer Lexi has a treat for her fans this Saturday, as she holds a private party to celebrate the release of her latest single on iTunes.

Milton teen Lexi Walters left high school early to pursue her singing career, and while she continues to take college courses online in criminal psychology, music has been her big focus.

Lexi's Fan VIP

  • Saturday, Jan. 26, 2-4 p.m.
  • Mambo Jambo, 5310 Windward Pkwy., Alpharetta
  • 770-667-0097 or Evite
  • $10

Lexi said she always loved to perform music and act. Shows such as Glee were opening up auditions that required singing. So she asked her mother about vocal lessons. Mom soon had her on the waiting list for Jan Smith Studios, and her interest shifted from acting to music.

It took months of being on a waiting list before Lexi got the call from Jan Smith Studios, which accepted her as a student. Three years of weekly lessons have passed and she still says it's an amazing experience.

"I am now in the studio working on a project with Mama Jan, who was inducted into the  Music Hall of Fame, my vocal coach Lisa Rosemond and Brandon 'Blue' Hamilton, the Grammy nominated music producer from Justin Bieber's Never Say Never Album. I love it! I feel very blessed by it all," Lexi said. 
It hasn't all been fun, as she says a singing career means no late nights, she has to eat healthy and exercise to keep up her stamina for concerts and traveling. Of course there's practice every day. And she watched her friends go off to college without her.
"Sometimes its hard not having the 'college experience.' But there is nothing like having a concert, your fans, the crowd cheering for you and singing a song you wrote with you, while your performing! I have fans around the world and its so cool," she said.
Her mother is her "Momager," dealing with the business side of her music. Her dad helps them keep things going when they are on the road.

"Without their support it would have been very difficult to be where I am today. I love them for it," Lexi said.

Her family supports her and makes sacrifices, as her mother is always on the road with her.

Her big influences musically include Usher, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Cher Lloyd, Frank Ocean, Kesha, Skrillex, Cody Simpson, One Direction and Little Mix. But in her personal life, her great grandma Terri has been her biggest influence. Great-grandma Terri passed away when Lexi was 14.

"But she always told me to 'chase my dreams' and that one day I would be a big star and a role model. I always think about my actions and what her reaction would be to what I was doing," Lexi said.

The teen wears one of her great grandmother's pieces of jewelry at her performances, which she said makes it feel like she's there with her.

Highlights of her career start with her first concert and performances at St. Jude's Children's Hospital. She was booked for three shows at Six Flags in New York.

"I had never done anything like that before and I had six weeks to perfect it, including dance moves with background dancers. It went amazing and I got so many fans," Lexi said.

St. Jude's was always a dream of hers to give back to the organization.

"My grandmother and great grandmother supported them with donations, and a children's hospital helped to save my sister's life when she was little," Lexi said. "I was honored to perform there. That concert was so much fun, I loved the kids and I can't wait to go back again this year and every year."

She also remarked on working with Mama Jan and her team.

Past Performances include:

  • St Jude's Children's Hospital
  • Six Flags,
  • Macy's NY,
  • Milton Round Up
  • Roswell Youth Festival
  • Lithia Springs High School Christmas Festival
  • UCF Arena Orlando, FL
  • The Possum Drop NYE Festival
  • HCMS Middle School
  • Hopewell Middle School
baseballmom January 23, 2013 at 08:20 PM
I think her outfit is fine. I mean she is a pop singer. As a mom I was more concerned about the music. My daughter got her CD and played it as soon as she got home. I was really surprised that the music was really good and clean. Its now in my car and we sing from it all the time and she is very happy to go to Lexi VIP Party. We wish her great success and to bring the city of Milton to celeb status!
JParker January 24, 2013 at 04:21 AM
I recall the uproar a couple of years ago when a national videocast to schools by President Obama was considered not educationally worthy - they couldn't take the time away from instruction in order to let the students listen to the President. Apparently there is no problem with interrupting most of a school day for this girl to do a publicity event. Let's get the priorities straight.
baseballmom January 24, 2013 at 08:35 PM
wow..i have to say i agree with reality.. you don't know the whole picture yet you comment....JParker were you there? I don't think so and you probably don't have a child at Hopewell either. The concert was a REWARD for kids who excelled at school that includes my daughter who works hard at it. Did you watch the video? i guess no either. Lexi spent the day with the kids during lunch hour as you can see in the videos. So no educational time was interrupted. I think its amazing how people like you want to make every topic a political statement.
Debra Stewart January 25, 2013 at 02:57 PM
Lexi: The video and itunes music is very good. What you are doing takes courage and guts. I wish you much success! Thank you for sharing this big moment with us.
Breanna Hartman January 26, 2013 at 03:52 PM
Lexi i love u and i know u will make it soo far! Chase Your Dreams! im so proud of u and no matter what i'll always be here 4 u your the best! :) <3


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