Feng Shui Part 3: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Mirrors can reflect a lot more than just your face.

Have you been having fun with our easy Feng shui exercises? 

There are so many important and effective ways in which you can use Feng shui in your home or business.  The study of Feng shui is a lifelong endeavor.  Many books and videos are available to teach you some of the major principals of Feng shui.  Check Oconee County Library for books or articles on the subject to get off to a good start on your studies.

I have another easy exercise for you to try.

Mirrors are an incredibly effective tool in Feng shui.  Not only do mirrors serve us functionally in our homes, they can make us aware that our thoughts and actions are reflected back to us by others.  Also,  mirrors placed in our surroundings absorb or reflect positive and negative energy.

Because of their versatility when placed in specific areas, mirrors can “cure” issues within your home that you might have felt like were bothering you, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on the problem. 

Here’s a good example.  Our home is over 100-years-old and originally had no indoor bathroom.  Previous owners closed off one end of the traditional breeze way hall --a long hall with a door at both ends for air circulation-- and made a bathroom at one end.  This means when you come in the front door at the end of the hall you are looking directly at...(horrors)…THE TOILET!  Ick. 

When I had a local Feng shui master, Dr. Weicherng Pan, come out and evaluate our home, he noticed the toilet issue immediately and told me to shut the door and hang a mirror on or near the door.   In his heavy Thai accent he said, “All your good fortune going down de toilet!”  We laughed together at his animated description, but you had better believe I took his advice!  Dr. Pan has since passed away but he gave many Oconee residents valuable Feng shui advice over the years.

Here are some other things you should know about the power of mirrors in curing what ails your home:

  •  Mirrors are a versatile, all-purpose solution; when in doubt, hang a mirror. 
  •  Mirrors are powerful transmitters of energy.
  •  Mirrors are powerful repellent for negative energy.
  •  Mirrors attract energy to a space adding light, spaciousness, and activating Chi flow.
  •  Mirrors are a Feng shui "Light" solution.
  •  Mirrors are symbolic of your self image and clarity of mind; remember, no dirty mirrors! Keep them polished!
  •  Mirrors represent  The Feng shui Water Element.
  •  Choose clear, non-distorted mirrors (no ripples) and no mirror tiles. Tiled mirrors break up energy and add confusion to the reflected image.
  • Make sure that your mirrors reflect beautiful surroundings. Position mirrors to pick up pleasing views of the outdoors whenever possible.
  • Place a foyer mirror to the side of the front door, never directly across from the front door. A mirror placed across from the front door represents strong repelling energy and can push anyone entering right back out the door! (The mirror shown in my foyer/bathroom cure is not directly across from the front door, but off to the side.)
  •  Place square and rectangle shapes for balance, octagonal shapes for power and circular shapes for unity.
  •  Hang high enough to see your entire head; no chopped heads or the viewer may be challenged with a negative self-image.
  • Avoid hanging mirrors directly across from each other.
  • Hang above your desk or computer if your back is facing a door.
  • Decorative mirrors are most effective when placed in a position to capture the reflection of a beautiful scene or object.

Have a look around your home and ponder if adding a mirror here or there will bring in more light and positive energy.

Don’t forget to pick up a fresh bottle of glass cleaner next time you’re out!

Andrea Williams June 06, 2011 at 07:22 PM
I am really enjoying your Feng Shui series Melissa! Your style of writing is quite enjoyable to read, you make me laugh and I have learned a thing or two!
Melissa Steele June 07, 2011 at 05:27 PM
Thanks Andrea! I appreciate your compliment!


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