Concert Tonight Will Support Athens Whatever it Takes

The Decatur-based non-profit Poverty Is Real is hosting a show at the 40 Watt Club in Athens to benefit the local Whatever-it-Takes initiative.

A lineup of artists from Athens and New York will take the stage at the  tonight to raise money for the local anti-poverty movement .

The benefit concert, called "Tidings for Tikes," opens at 7:30 p.m. to the musical stylings of Futurebirds, Patterson Hood, Woodfangs, Claire Campbell and My Cousin the Emperor.

The Decatur-based nonprofit Poverty is Real, which organizes fundraising concerts to support the fight against poverty, is hosting the concert. Tickets are $10.

The federally funded movement began in 2010 and seeks to eradicate poverty by ensuring that more Athens children and teens graduate, go on to college and succeed in the workforce. The group plans to hold a community meeting on Monday, Dec. 12, announcing a strategic plan for documenting more than 70 indicators of success, such as lowering teen pregnancy rates, making sure students are meeting grade-level reading standards and reducing childhood obesity.


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