Top Ten Graduation Gift Ideas

May brings happy endings and new beginnings for Oconee County Seniors. Here are some great gift ideas for the graduates close to your heart.

The Class of 2011 is gearing up for graduation ceremonies and getting excited about the next phase of their lives.   Consider these ideas for practical and treasured graduation gifts.

Pricing guide:
$ - under $20
$$ - $20 to $50
$$$ - $50 to $100
$$$$ - over $100

1. Gift Cards

You simply can't go wrong with gift cards.  Available in several price ranges, you can give one or several.  Consider gift cards for food and gas as those things sometimes get forgotten and are much needed during the transition from high school to college or moving out on their own.  Available at or .

$ - $$

2. Care Package

This is one of those gifts that will definatly be appreciated.  Find a colorful, plastic container with a lid and fill it with cough syrup, bandages, aspirin, a cold pack, and any other kind of quick remedy for ailing young adults.  Once in their dorm room or their own apartment with no Mama there to take care of them, they will really appreciate this gift!   or .

$ - $$

3. Coffee Basket

Studying hard or working late are easier with a fresh cup of Joe!  Help your grad save money and have the convenience brewing her own cups.  A small coffee pot and a basket of a variety of coffees or teas along with sugar and creamers and a cute mug will be a great gift!  


4. Towels

I fondly remember one of my favorite graduation gifts even all those years ago! My friend Mary gave me a cute canvas tote filled with a variety of sizes of soft, bright red towels and wash cloths.  Male or female, favorite colors or school colors, this is a gift that will last for years and be much appreciated.  Kohl's or


5. Tool Box

Think about it.  It will be invaluable for years to come.   A new computer desk needs to be assembled,  shelves and pictures need to be hung, a loose knob needs to be tightened.  Help your grad be self-reliant with a small tool box full of the basics: screwdrivers, picture hooks, a small hammer, glue, 3-in-1 oil, duct tape, sticky-back velcro, a hot glue gun.   This gift will come in handy many, many times!  Harbor Freight
$- $$ 

6. Microwave

From popcorn to a cup of soup, your grad will thank you a thousand times over for this convenience.  (Especially if he lives in a tiny dorm room where the community kitchen is on another floor!)  This gift will be used daily and loved for a long time.  


7. Laundry Goody Bag

How about a very necessary laundry bag or basket filled with detergent, softeners, and maybe even a couple of rolls of quarters.  Can't go wrong with this one!   and Kroger.


8. Photo Album

Graduation photos, ticket stubs, printed programs, ribbons and awards will all be treasured and kept safe in a new photo album.  Male or female grads will appreciate this keepsake and will pour over the memories a thousand times.  


9. New Phone

Your graduate likely already has a cell phone, but wouldn't an upgrade with a keyboard and bigger screen be nice, especially one equipped with Skype?  The staff at Oconee Cellular or help you make the correct choice.


10. Jewelry

has a variety of lovely graduation gifts.  Consider for your favorite girl a silver key pendant, perhaps with an added jewel embellishment. It will represent the key to her future.  For your favorite boy, consider a Mont Blanc or Cross pen and pencil set.  It will show you have confidence in his future. Other options for really nice gifts include watches, charm bracelets, or rings marking this special occasion.


Here's a list of the graduation dates for the Oconee County area:

: Sunday, May 22

: Sunday, May 22

: Friday, May 20

: Saturday, May 21

: Sunday, May 29

Alpaca Ear June 14, 2011 at 10:25 PM
I cannot believe that my dear baby is graduating from high school. I am so proud of him for all that he has accomplished and where he is going. I decided to shop at http://www.dormco.com/?Click=18851 to buy him all of the dorm necessities that he will need. I found a great deal with "Boy's Bedding in a Trunk" as well as a great refridgerator/freezer for him to take with him. The bath essentials and underbed storage was great too. Best of all it shipped for the flat rate of $2.95. I can't wait to give him this gift for his graduaation. I am looking forward to spending quality time with him this summer and not having to worry about having to run from store to store shopping.
Rebecca June 02, 2012 at 06:02 PM
If you are looking for a unique Graduation Gift try http://www.gratefulchics.com. This Houston based company founded by two "Mompretreneurs" feature gifts that are centered around Gratitude. It's a great way to help new graduates focus on the good in their life during this time of exciting transition. Grateful Chics have lots of inspirational gift items for him or her and even a NEW Graduation Gift pack set for only $18 each.


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