Friendly Feline from Walton County Needs a Home

Pebbles, a friendly young cat/kitten from Monroe, is in need of a home. She has been spayed, has all her shots and tested negative for feline leukemia and aids. All she needs now is a loving home.

Pebbles, so named by the Athens Area Humane Society Spay Neuter Clinic because of her rare markings, is in need of a home. She is somewhere between a kitten and a cat and has a very sweet, friendly disposition. I had been feeding her in the wooded area between my neighbor and my home in Monroe, along with her mother and another sibling. Since she was so friendly and easy to trap, I was able to get her to the clinic last week to be spayed.

Now that she is comfortable living in a home, I would rather find her one than release her back outside. Much as I would love to keep her, I can't. I have three cats already and that is one too many for my husband. If anyone believes they have the right home for Pebbles, please email me at sharon.swanepoel@patch.com.

Athens Area Humane Society September 17, 2012 at 08:05 PM
How is she with your other cats?
Sharon Swanepoel April 20, 2013 at 04:17 PM
I am so sorry I missed this Athens Area Humane Society. She is actually great with other cats, and other humans - and she now belongs to me. I couldn't part with her now. However, her sibling, which I didn't manage to trap before she had kittens, is still in the area behind my house and I have seen at least one kitten. If anyone is interested, I will see if I can trap the kitten - it looks to be about 9 weeks old.


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