Surviving Holiday Travel

Pack and plan before you go

With many Georgia families hitting the road this holiday season, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's Strong4Life provides travel survival tips so parents can save money and time while on-the-go.

1.  Grabbing food at the airport or a rest stop can be costly, so pack and stash some quick and nutritious snacks in your car or carry-on bags. Some grab-and-go ideas include: fresh or dried fruit, nuts, string cheese or yogurt. Packing your own snacks will save you time and money on the road.

2.  Use containers like Fit-Fresh (they are fun, colorful and just the right size for kid snacks) or cereal on-the-go (place in zip-up storage baggies) to pack your snacks and/or meals.

3.  Many airports now have water bottle faucets included in its water fountains; so pack empty water bottles and fill ‘em up once you get past the security gate.

4.  Be on the lookout for food and drinks that are targeted at you and your kids just at the holidays and try to steer clear. Things like peppermint milkshakes, red velvet concoctions and gingerbread and eggnog-inspired treats will be calling your child’s name,—but remember to treat the treats as treats.

5.  When traveling, select water or low fat milk instead of sugary drinks, which provide no nutritional value.


For more tips on surviving the holiday season visit Strong4Life.com.


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